June 2023

New Data for Properties 🏠, Get Zimmo Leads into SweepBright automatically (Belgium) 🙋

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What’s New

Update your profile picture on the iOS App in Settings → My Profile.

Get incoming Buyer Leads from Zimmo into SweepBright automatically. Contact our Customer Success team via the chat bubble to help you set it up!

Sort Properties by the commission fees and percentages and by the time it was First Published.

Add more data to your properties:

  • Ongoing Litigation
    in Legal

  • Number of Levels
    in Structure

  • Guarantee
    in Price

  • Renovation Obligation
    in Legal, for Belgium only

  • Flood Risk
    in Legal, for Belgium only

  • Land Use Designation
    Updated values in Legal, for Belgium only

  • Zone Subject to Rent Control
    in Legal, for France + territories only

  • Liveable Surface Area according to the Carrez Act
    in Structure, for France + territories only

  • Number of Residential Lots
    in Features, for France + territories only

What’s Updated

  • Several improvements to the iPad lay-out.

  • Tap a Contact on Offers in the iOS App to see their details.

  • When you create a Document or Plan on the iOS App with the Camera or Document Scanner, we upload them as Private by default.

  • Improved iOS App feedback with haptics, bigger tap areas and highlights.

  • New icons for Property Amenities.

  • Faster load time when you create a property on the iOS App.

  • Improved publication warnings for French portals on the iOS App.

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the Garden, Balcony and Terrace fields would not show the Surface Area when you toggle them on.

  • Fixed an issue where the list of contacts would be empty after registering a Match activity.

  • Fixed an issue where photos of the Assignee were not loading on Properties.

  • Fixed an issue where some Activities would not show up in the Timeline on the iOS App.

  • Removing a Surface Area could sometimes lead to errors on the iOS App. We’ve fixed that.

  • Improved handling of partially corrupted import data on the iOS App.

  • Fixed an annoying problem where contacts would generate error messages.

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