July 2023

Customizable Views feature for better property management 🆕 User-friendly updates in iOS/iPadOS app 📱

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What’s New

Introducing: Views. With 23 sort options and 16 filters on Properties, you have real power at your fingertips. But things can be a little overwhelming. With the new Views feature, you can save any combination of Filters and Sorting into a custom View.

Simply tap on All Properties to switch to one of the default Views. We’ve prepared My Properties and Offers for you. Go ahead and customize your filters and sorting. Then tap Save Current View to create a new one. It’s really that simple.

Views is our way to help you follow up and close more deals. This is just the beginning and we think you’ll love it.

What's Updated

  • When you publish a Villa to Immoweb, it will now show as 4 frontages.

  • When you publish to Immoweb, we now have better validation for Number of Bedrooms (Structure), Gross/Plot Area (Structure) and Box (Address).

  • When you look at a publication on the Web App, we now show who published it, and when.

  • When you command/control+click on a link in the List View on the Web App, it opens the link in a new window.

  • You can filter the Number of Rooms by 0. For example: if you want to find a studio.

  • The distinction between Leads and Owners is more clear on the Contact List on the iOS/iPadOS App

  • The Detail screens for Properties and Contacts have a new design that also looks better on iPadOS.

  • On Zapier, we also send the Contact ID with the rest of the Contact information for the Visit Scheduled trigger.

What's Fixed

  • If you're a Company Admin or Team Admin, You can now save Templates in the Company & Teams section on the Web App again.

  • When you Schedule a Visit, you can now select a Colleague again (iOS/iPadOS App).

  • When you take a photo directly from the camera, you would get stuck in a loop. We’ve fixed that (iOS/iPadOS App).

  • In Activities for a Property, the Not Interested list disappeared from the Contacts tab. It’s back (iOS/iPadOS App).

  • The Legal section for Parkings would sometimes not save properly. That’s now fixed (iOS/iPadOS App).

  • Some of the Features for properties of the Land type were missing. They’re back (iOS/iPadOS App).

  • When you check Currently Occupied, we show the relevant fields again (iOS/iPadOS App).

  • In Schedule, when you swipe on a Past Visit to Register a Visit, it registers an interaction on the timeline again (iOS/iPadOS App).

  • When you try to Match a Contact that has no Preferences, we show a clear message, so you know what to do to fix it (iOS/iPadOS App).

  • If a Contact doesn’t have their full name filled out, we now show at least a part of the name in Activities (iOS/iPadOS App).

  • Icons at the bottom of Images are visible again when you have a lot of Images (iOS/iPadOS App).

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