• we now support a whole lot of new legal fields specifically for properties in Belgium.



  • for people in the Search bèta programme, you can now search on the phone number for a contact. For properties, you can search on postal code, city name and street number. The search will also start working from 3 characters minimum for really short street names.

  • we've removed support for self-service of importing / exporting contacts and properties, since this led to a lot of confusion with customers. People need to go through customer success to import or export. [internal]


  • Updated: (Zapier CLI users) you can now specify an External Source in the Create Lead Zapier action.

  • Updated: (Zapier CLI users) you can now figure out if a property is a project (project), a project unit (unit), or standalone property (standalone) in all Zapier triggers that send property data. Check for the new Internal Property Type field.

  • Updated: (Zapier CLI users) the Interaction Created and Feedback Added to Interaction triggers now contain the fields Lead ID, Property ID and ID (which refers to the Interaction's identifier).

  • Updated: (Zapier CLI users) we've added  the Interaction Source Type and Interaction Source Reference fields to the Interaction Created and Feedback Added to Interaction triggers.

  • Updated: (Zapier CLI users) the Lead Created and Lead Updated triggers now also contain the Lead Source Type and Lead Source Reference fields.



  • for Vendors, on the list of their Properties, the link to a Property Detail was broken.

  • various layout and interaction design bugs for an overall smoother app experience.

Website API

  • you can now create a specific lead for a single unit of a project that was published.

Agency Website

  • there was a problem when you tried to open a plan from the Agency Site, we hunted down the bug and fixed it.

We love to hear from you. If you run into any problems, let us know at [email protected].

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