November 2023

Improvements for Administrators ⚙️, Better Permissions & Roles 🔐, Custom Match Mail Sender 📨

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What’s New

Custom Match Mail Sender 📨

Choose a Custom Match Mail Sender from the Company Settings.

For example: if the assistant usually sends out the match mails, but you want this e-mails to be sent from the agent who is assigned to the Lead, you can now do that.

But what if there is no assignee of the lead? We got you. You can fall back to a second or third option of your choice. Simply drag your configuration with fallbacks like this. The system will try the top selection first, then the one below, and so on. In case nothing is configured, we use the Logged In Colleague by default.

Improvements for Administrators ⚙️

We’ve completely revamped the admin section of the Web App. Administrators will now find three items in the main menu:

  1. Company: all company settings, including Subscription and Invoicing.

  2. Colleagues: a list of everyone in the Company in one single table. The ability to search for a name. The ability to filter by role, and by team. And the ability to see their E-mail, Phone number and Role from the overview table immediately. Accessible by Company Admins and Team Admins.

  3. Teams: a new place to list all the teams in the company. A way to search through all teams. A quick way to see some of the settings. Click on a Team to find all the Team Settings.

Better Permissions & Roles 🔐

SweepBright now has 4 roles: Member, Editor, Team Administrator and Company Administrator. The biggest change is with the Member role. A Member can not edit or publish a Property or Contact, unless they are assigned to it. When they try to edit a Property or Contact, and they are not allowed to do it, a message will pop up telling them it’s off-limits.

What’s Updated

Since November 2023, Immoweb offers the ability to add P-score and G-scores in Belgium. We've mapped our existing P-score and G-score fields to Immoweb’s new fields, so they will show up on Immoweb.

Searching for Contacts or Properties in the app now yields uniform results across all functions, whether scheduling visits or registering activities. No more discrepancies.

When you add a new Search Preference for a Contact via Postcode on the iOS App, we use the Company Country by default for the Postcode.

We’ve increased the tap area for the Favorites widget for Contacts on the iOS App.

We've improved the speed for Zapier, which should make Triggers and Actions up to 30 times faster.

Using international phone numbers in the Web App work more reliably for countries with three-number international call extensions such as Guadeloupe and Mayotte.

When you create a document on the Web App, we close the window immediately when you click Create Document, so you can continue working.

What’s Fixed

All Apps

  • When sending large numbers of match e-mails, customers would sometimes receive duplicate e-mails. We've fixed that.

  • Some data would not appear correct when searching for Properties or Contacts, making it hard to find the correct Property or Contact. This is solved.

  • It was not possible to save a phone number with an international extension (+32, +33,...) in My Profile. That's been fixed.

  • Members can now see Legal Entities for a property. They can also edit the Legal Entity for a property when the property is assigned to them.

  • We've improved handling of contacts with bad e-mail addresses.

iOS App

  • Editing full text fields became harder than it should be, we’ve fixed the strange cursor behaviour.

  • We now allow you to automatically register an Activity when you send an e-mail from a Contact.

  • We’ve improved the way we handle errors when you select a date range that is not possible.


  • Contacts created via Zapier used to have no indexed preference sets. This means these contacts would sometimes not show up when matching or filtering. That's now fixed.

Website API

  • Users of the Website API can now also fetch photos of Property Assignees on individual Units. This is a non-breaking change on our side, existing integrations do not need an update.

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