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Why can't I publish to Immoweb?
Why can't I publish to Immoweb?

This article will help you deal with common publication errors to Immoweb.

Updated over a week ago

Immoweb does not allow changing the number of rooms or the postal code of a property after the initial publication. If you attempt to update either of these data points and refresh the Immoweb listing, it will result in an error.

In this scenario, you have two options:

  1. Duplicate the Property: To update the number of rooms or the postal code, you can duplicate the property and publish the duplicated listing with the correct information. This approach allows you to make the necessary changes without affecting the original listing.

  2. Request Data Modification from Immoweb: Alternatively, you can contact Immoweb's support team and request them to modify the data on their end. They may be able to assist you in updating the room numbers or the postal code for your listing.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need further assistance!

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