September 2022

Publication Insights💡 and Zapier⚡️ Improvements

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What’s Updated

When you create a Location Preference with Postal Codes for a contact, we use the country of the Company as the default Country.

Vendors are now called Owners across the app.

The Property Tax, Recurring Costs and Requesting Negotiator fields are now available in Zapier.

We now support the correct legal fields for Overseas France.

Get Publication Insights by opening the table view on the Web App and turning on the Publication Errors column. See a notification with the amount of errors immediately from the property detail view on iOS and Web App.

We’ve made improvements to the Website API, which will result in less (un)publications or updates that get stuck.

What’s Fixed

  • Images taken on iPhones are uploaded in the .heic format. Before sending them to Immoweb, we now convert them to JPG so Immoweb can handle them.

  • Google Chrome will not automatically try to translate the SweepBright app anymore.

  • Translations for the tabs and filters in Contact Matching now work again.

  • The e-mail template for requesting documents now loads again.

  • Publications would sometimes get stuck in publishing when there was a corrupt image. Publishing will now succeed and we will skip the corrupt image.

  • Sorting and filtering contacts now works reliably again.

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