October 2023

SweepBright for Android 🤖, Geographic Zone Filter 🗺️, Contact Favorites ⭐️

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What’s New

SweepBright for Android 🤖

SweepBright for Android is out. Get it on the Play Store.

Geographic Zone Filter 🗺️

You can now filter Properties by Geographic Zone. A Company Admin or Team Admin can configure the templates in Teams → Geographic Zones.

Contact Favorites for iOS & iPadOS

Swipe to the right on a Contact to make it a Favorite. Then filter by Favorites. Then add a widget on your home screen with all your Favorite contacts!

Favorites are local to your device. You can set different Favorites on your iPad and on your iPhone. We hope you'll enjoy it!

What’s Updated

We’ve improved warning messages from French portals, we show the name of the portal the warning is coming from.

When you're using an old iOS/iPadOS App version, in the future we will warn you that a new version is available with a button to update the App immediately.

Upload documents from the Files app on iOS & iPadOS into the Documents section of a Property.

People in multiple teams can now search for a team in the Team Switcher.

The iPad interface looks better than ever on Property and Contact details.

The list of Units inside a Project update immediately when you add a new one.

Displaying Costs & Taxes for rental properties is more clear on the SweepBright Agency Site.

What’s Fixed

All Apps

  • Some Zapier actions would permanently stop running after trying to execute a forbidden operation.

  • The Sales Report would sometimes show the SweepBright logo in stead of the Agency logo. Now it's always showing the Agency logo.

  • Uploaded PNG logo's with transparency would automatically get a black background. Now, we keep the transparency.

  • Sometimes, the address of a property would not show up in the property list. We've fixed this so it should always show up.

  • Sorting by status would sometimes not sort correctly. Now it's back to normal.

  • When you create a new Owner, it is automatically assigned to you. But sometimes, filtering by "My Contacts" would not work correctly. We've fixed that.

  • We’ve aligned text & translations for English, French and Dutch across all applications so that it's easier to use.

Web App

  • Large companies with more than one hundred teams can now see all their teams on the Web App. They are no longer limited to the first one hundred teams.

  • The Property → Activities → Leads tab now loads more than ten Leads again.

iOS/iPadOS App

  • Several issues which made the Geographic Zone filter hard to use were fixed.

  • Typing in the Description field is possible again.

  • The Remind Me feature works again.

Website API

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