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January 2024

Filter Contacts by their Search Preferences 🔍, set reminders on the Android App 🔔

Updated over a week ago

What's New

Filter Contacts by their Search Preferences: Property Type, Property Subtype, Condition, Amount of Rooms, Amenities and Postcode.

Set a reminder on the Android App when you swipe to the left on a Property or Contact.

What's Updated

Android App

  • Manage custom rooms in Property → Details → Structure.

  • See only the channels that are visible to your active team in Property → Publish.

  • Get the same search results everywhere in the application. Searches in sub-views now include units that are part of a project.

  • Long-press actions have become swipe actions to allow you to set a reminder, register an activity or archive a Property or Contact.

  • An in-app message prompts you to update if your SweepBright App is out of date.

What's Fixed

Android App

  • Automatic Descriptions would sometimes still show a price or location, even if you asked it to hide it. That’s fixed.

  • Tapping the message button on contacts now works again.

  • Screens would sometimes get stuck on a loading spinner. No more.

  • The Select All button for publications would sometimes behave problematically, that’s now fixed.

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