May 2024

Match & Filter Leads on Surface Area 📐, Better Match E-mails ✉️, Scheduling Time Zone in E-mails 📅

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What's New

Match & Filter Leads on Surface Area 📐

That's right. You can now Match & Filter on desired Surface Areas! We support a minimum and a maximum value for Liveable Area, Plot Area, Net Area and Gross Area, depending on the Property Type.

Let's look at an example: Jane is looking for a House to Buy for her family. She likes to live cosy, and outdoor space is important to her. So she's looking for a house with a liveable area between 150m² and 200m² on a plot of land that is minimum 500m². As the agent of Jane, you open Jane's Search Preferences in SweepBright, swipe down to the Areas section and you set her preferences:

  • Liveable Area, Min: 150

  • Liveable Area, Max: 200

  • Plot Area, Min: 500

You Save and then go to Jane's Match section in SweepBright. Hopefully you find the perfect match in your database. If you don't, you can tweak the filters to be a bit more lenient on the minimum and maximum.

We've also updated the Website API and Zapier. This allows you, for example, to create a form on your website where a Lead can indicate their desired minimum or maximum surface areas. Your web developer can find the documentation here.

Tip: SweepBright will automatically fill new preferences for leads who show interest in a specific property, for example via your website or via a real estate portal.

What's Updated

Better Match E-mails ✉️

Match e-mails now contain more info about the agent and about the property, so you can convince leads even better. We've made the following changes:

  • The photo, e-mail address and phone number of the Agent. Make sure to set it in My Profile.

  • The Property Subtype, Liveable Area, amount of Bedrooms, the first part of the Description and the first three photos, if they exist.

  • UTM Tags for better marketing analytics on your own website.

    • utm_source=sweepbright

    • utm_medium=email

    • utm_campaign=match-mail

    • utm_content=button (if the lead clicks the button) or utm_content=thumbnail (if the lead clicks an image)

Scheduling Time Zone in E-mails 📅

We've added a Time Zone to Schedule Visit e-mails according the Time Zone set in Company Settings. This should ensure there is no confusion about when a visit takes place.

Offers Calculations

We've improved the help text % calculations when you create or edit an Offer on the Web App.


New Contacts that enter the system should now appear up to 300× faster. Contacts that Unsubscribe from marketing emails will also have their subscription status synced up to 300× faster. We've also improved the indexing speed and accuracy so when you change the name of a Contact or the status of a Property, changes should be visible faster in the list views.

Create Documents on Shared Properties

When viewing a Property that was shared from another team, you can now generate documents on these properties such as sales leaflets or window sheets.

Share Documents as PDF on the iOS App

Sometimes you quickly want to send a document to for example a colleague, or to a lead or owner. You can now easily share a document from Property → Details → Docs & Plans → Any document → Share icon. This will open the iOS Share Sheet, allowing you to share to apps such as Mail, Slack, WhatsApp and others.

What's Fixed

All Apps

  • Sending new Match Mails after a price drop will now properly reset the status icons, so we can show if you've already sent a new Match Mail or not.

Web App

  • Fixed cases for matching properties with 0 bedrooms.

  • You can delete postcodes again.

iOS App

  • Automatic Descriptions & Translations are now faster.

  • You can now assign a colleague to a contact that didn't have an assignee before.

  • Filtering by Carrez Act works again.

  • Adding Activities to a Contact works again.

Android App

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