April 2023

Generate Descriptions & Translations 🧠, Counters for Properties & Contacts 🔢

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What’s New

Generate Descriptions and Translate with the tap of a button on the iOS App. Try it out in Property Details → Description.

See the amount of Properties or Contacts at the bottom of the lists on the iOS App. When you filter or search, the number updates.

Quickly copy your Company ID on the Web App from Company & Teams → Company Settings.

What’s Updated

The Agency Sites display Costs & Taxes better.

Replies to Visit Scheduled e-mails now go to all attendees.

Thanks to an update to how we send Match e-mails, they end up in the inbox more often. No more spam problem.

We used to only support Calendly and YouCanBook.me links for self-scheduling visits. Now you can use any service you like.

We now call a Colleague who is assigned to a Property or Contact an Assignee – this was previously Negotiator. You can see this change in the Filters and on the Property and Contact Settings views.

The iOS App now displays Properties in the Activity section for a Contact the same way as on the Properties list.

What’s Fixed

  • Past visits can be registered again on the iOS App.

  • Images are now sent in the correct order again on Zapier.

  • Statuses like Option and Sold should now be displayed correctly on Immovlan.

  • Improved filter translations on the Web App.

  • Improved Revenu Cadastral/Valeur Locative translation on the Agency Site.

  • When assigning a Contact to a team, you will now be able to find the Contact via the search box on the Contacts view again.

  • Sorting properties by Last Publication works again.

  • For Publications, the amount of Online Channels and Errors displays the actual situation again.

  • We solved a bug where Activities on the iOS App would sometimes disappear and appear again.

  • In the structure of a Property on the iOS App, you can select a Shape again (for example for Land or Parking).

  • Uploading an image for a Contact works again on the iOS App.

  • The performance of screens with a lot of text fields is improved on the iOS App. Swiping should be smoother now.

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