April 2020
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  • We've added the new 'Projects' tab on the agency website. All your projects will now be published in this new tab, which will create a much a better overview for your visitors. They will appear per project, so no more separate units which clutter the overview.

  • We've launched Calendar Scheduling as well! It's the perfect way to save time when scheduling visits. The calendar of the negotiator will be displayed next to the 'Schedule Visit' screen.



  • the Match screens for Properties and Contacts are greatly improved with a more clear display of statuses.

  • we've improved the way we store your filter settings on iOS. When you set a filter, we now remember your filter settings across app restarts.

  • you can now filter properties by status Rented.

  • the app's load times should be noticeably faster and more reliable.

  • when you register an activity with a Vendor and you want to save Feedback, we now show only the private feedback field.



What’s fixed:

  • all of the contact images did not load in the list. We're sorry about that, but you can now look at those pretty faces again!

  • the Asking Price

  • we're showing the Asking Price in the correct currency again, in stead of the country that you're living in.

  • we now display rental properties as €1000/week or €1000/month in Properties lists again.

  • if you change the Asking Price of a property to a lower price, we now save it properly.

  • various layout and interaction design bugs for an overall smoother app experience.

  • when you call a contact via Match, you now get a modal that asks you to register feedback again.

  • activities that were registered were displaying "by ". Now they also display the actual name of the person who registered the activity.

  • you can now remove the min price for a Lead's Preferences again.

  • various layout and interaction design bugs for an overall smoother app experience.

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