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February 2023

Agreement Status ✅, Web App Command Palette 🚀, WhatsApp button on iOS

Updated over a week ago

What's New

Use the new Agreement status for Properties. Also known as "Overeenkomst" in Dutch or "Compromis/Bail" in French. When publishing a property that is set to Agreement, it will show as Sold on portals. The status is also available for automating your work via Zapier. Make sure to update to the latest version of the iOS App!

We're also rolling out the new command palette for the Web App. This will help you be more productive. Simply press ctrl+k or cmd+k on your keyboard to have quick access from anywhere to a list of commands.

Send WhatsApp messages to customers directly from the iOS App.

What’s Updated

Images upload in the background on the iOS App, allowing you to do other things while your beautiful photos get sent to the cloud.

The Box (Bus / Boîte) field accepts more formats, including more exotic ones with spaces and periods.

Publish properties in any country to French portals.

What’s Fixed

  • When viewing a Contact’s Activity on iOS, we would show you an infinite loop of a Contact’s Activity in relation to themselves. That was an infinite loop, so we’ve fixed that to show the Contact’s Activity in relation to the Properties.

  • When sending an e-mail to a contact from the Contact’s detail view on iOS, it would be impossible to close the Send E-mail window. We’ve fixed that.

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