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Incoming calls identification (iOS)
Incoming calls identification (iOS)

Identify incoming calls using your SweepBright Contacts + Register incoming calls

Updated over a week ago

You can now use your SweepBright Contacts database to identify a caller on your iOS device. 🙌 If a specific contact appears in your SweepBright Contacts (but not in your phone address book), this contact will now automatically be identified when he or she calls you.

In this article we will show you how to set up the Caller Identification and how to easily register an incoming call.

How to set up the Caller Identification?

Setting up our Caller Identification is super easy! You will need to set it up only once, just follow the steps below.

1. Go to your Phone Settings ⚙️

2. Click on "Phone"

3. Click on "Call blocking & Identification"

4. Enable the SweepBright toggle

5. Done! 💪

How can I register an incoming call?

If a contact calls you, we recommend to immediately register this call. This way, your calls will be displayed in your Activity Timeline.

So we made registering a call a bit quicker, another way to save more time in your daily activities. 🚀

1. Click on the small "i" icon next to a caller in your call list

2. Click on "Share Contact"

3. Click on "Edit Action" and make sure to save the "Register Call" function as a favorite

4. Click on "Register Call" and a SweepBright pop up will open. Here you can now add the specific property. The contact will of course be automatically detected. Click on "Register Call" in the top right hand corner and the interaction is saved.

5. Done! 💪

NOTE: This feature will only work when the contact only appears in your SweepBright Contacts and not in you phone contacts.

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