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How can you share contacts with SweepBright? (mobile)
How can you share contacts with SweepBright? (mobile)

Quick tip on how to directly add a contact to your iOS SweepBright app

Updated over a week ago

You can easily share contacts from you phone (iOS) with SweepBright. This way you do not have to copy-paste everything in your SweepBright contact base. 

IMPORTANT: this only works for iPhone (iOS)

  1. Go to Phone > Contacts

  2. Select the contact you want to share 

  3. Click on Share contact

  4. In the middle menu scroll right and chose the icon with the 3 dots

  5. Switch on the SweepBright toggle switch (and optionally move it up in the sequence

  6. Select the SweepBright icon and you will be redirected to the SweepBright Contact screen

  7. All the information will automatically be filled in, you just have to tap 'Save'

Now you're good to use this contact in SweepBright!

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