February 2021

Release notes for February 2021: image sharing, caller ID, incoming call registration.

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  • Share up to 5 images to SweepBright with one tap.

  • See which Seller or Buyer is calling you with Caller Identification.

  • Register an incoming call from your call history.


Web App

  • See the Addition of a property address in the overview of Units in a Project.


  • Filter on Transaction and Budget only when you are filtering Leads.

  • Share a Contact to SweepBright more reliably.

  • Add a Location Preference on the fly when you create a new Contact Preference.



  • Preview of Matterport videos works again.

  • Improved quality of the French translations.

  • Publishing to Facebook now includes the text again.

  • Expressed interest icon looks better.

  • Match screens with lots of matches now always load.

Web App

  • When saving your profile, we don't remove your profile picture anymore.

  • Match screens with lots of matches now always load.

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