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Subscription: invoices

Making sure you get your invoice in the right way

Updated over a week ago

Please make sure your invoicing details are correct and complete. Please make sure you do this whenever you're planning to switch towards a paying subscription.

Go to these step to fill in, check or change them: 

  1. On your web application, go to Subscriptions on your top left menu

  2. Select Invoicing

  3. As a standard setting, SweepBright takes the information you did (or did not) fill in for configuring your corporate website.

  4. If this info is not correct or you want to invoice to another company, select the second option: Use Different Invoicing Details and fill in all the necessary fields

  5. Don't forget to hit the Save button. 

Did you receive an incorrect invoice, please contact us via support.

Did you know? Once you've saved, SweepBright will automatically save your invoicing credentials. Check if you can see all correct info in your standard account setting.

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