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Configure the SweepBright Agency Site
Configure the SweepBright Agency Site

SweepBright comes with a free Agency Site. Find out how to set it up and make it look just the way you want it!

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In order to publish your properties in the best ways, SweepBright provides different channels to integrate with. Besides various real estate portals and social channels, SweepBright comes with your own agency website. It's fully future-proof, mobile responsive, 360°-images compatible and more. Best of all, it is readily available as soon as you publish your first listing! Just follow this one - time (no coding) setup and you're good to go!

Step-by-step article

You can personalize your SweepBright site just how you like it. To do this, click on the Channels item from the Admin menu

In the left hand pane, select Website and the central pane than displays the various personalization options. Click on Homepage to get started.


You can select your own cover image or video for your homepage.  You can choose between the default illustration, or select a cover image or video. Upload it by clicking on the blue '+Upload' link. Make sure you select an image with sufficient resolution!

What a great way to start! We're sure it will look great on your website.

The Highlights section proposes 2 ways to display your listings on your homepage:

  • New Properties :  this will display the most recently published properties on your homepage

  • 3 Highlighted Properties :  this option enables you to select 3 properties of your choice to display on your homepage. When you select this option, you can add the properties you want to highlight, by click on the Add Highlight button.

Select the first property you want to display on your homepage and click on the Add button. The properties that have not been published on your website are not available to choose from. So if you can't see a certain property in this list, make sure you have published it first to your website in the Publish section.

Repeat that step 3 times in order to have 3 properties displayed on your home page. You can drag them around to change their order. Don't forget to hit the save button to keep your changes. 

Did you know? It might take a couple of minutes before your changes appear on your site (the server needs to process). So don't panic!


The Text section enables you to choose the languages (English/French/Dutch) you wish your visitors to access your website in. This means you can have a multi-language site without an effort! Do keep in mind that for every language you'll need to provide content!

The Labels of your homepage can also be adapted to your personal wishes. Just fill in the texts you would like to have displayed on your homepage. If you leave them blank, our default labels will be used.

In the tab tab next to it, you can fill in the About us information. This is an open text field where you can add contact info, your address, your opening hours... Once again, write a separate text for every selected language!

Finally in the Text section you can add an explanation of your Services to your site. Tell your visitors what you're all about and why they should visit you.

SweepBright integrates a Personal Update form for users to fill in their preferences. The notifications will be send to your (or a colleague's) mail.  You can assign your unassigned leads here

The About us, Services and Personal Updates section will be shown together with your regular contact information and social icons on the bottom of the website.

Look & Feel 

The Look & Feel section lets you personalise your SweepBright website. Here you can choose between different Typefaces, Color Themes and Buttons.  Click Save once you are done with your changes.

You can add your own logo to give your SweepBright agency website your own branding. Here's how: 

Contact Settings

In the Contact Settings you can provide the contact details that will be used on your website. This is also where you can add your Social media links that will be displayed in the website footer.

Make sure to fill in as much fields as possible as those data will be used throughout your site. For example your company data will be used to auto-populate the Terms & Privacy Policy page that we provide for your website.

Your Domain

In the Your Domain section, you can find your SweepBright website address (url) we automatically generate for you based on your agency's name. You can also use your own domain name to link the website to. Follow the url redirection steps (option 2).

Optionally, you can add a Google tracking ID or a Facebook Pixel ID to measure the sources, region, languages preference,... of your visitors. 

Your final website

Finally, check out that brand new website of yours! Go to your personal url (or the redirected one) and find out how this looks for your visitors. 

Did you know? You can change your settings any time. However it takes some time for the server to alter the changes on the website. Please try refreshing your page.

Note: You don't want to use our included domain name and/or template?
Find out more about linking your proper domain name and/or web API

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