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SweepBright: a very short overview
SweepBright: a very short overview

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Today’s customers are continuously shifting their focus between media. They are mobile, tech savvy and expect high quality service levels. 

SweepBright empowers real estate agencies to deliver exceptional customer experiences and become significantly more efficient.

With SweepBright you can:

  1. Create real estate inventory on location in minutes. Add 360° images, video, documents, or automatically generate a description all from your mobile phone… so you, can stay on the move.

  2. Engage with your customers no matter where you are and without losing any trace of the transaction, your recent interactions or your data. SweepBright tracks all that automatically for you!

  3. Publish your listing to real estate portals, social media, and on your own website. Your listings hit the market seconds after visiting them instead of days.

  4. Work with third party applications so that your sales journey can become a digital one. Use the tools you really need and your customers truly love!

Why SweepBright is different:

  1. If you have any questions, please ask us via the chat bubble. Our support team is here to make your life easy.

  2. SweepBright is in continuous development and we're adding new features every week. If you have any suggestions or feedback, also drop them in the chat bubble!

  3. SweepBright is designed to fit your working schedule. The main functionalities such as property intake, contact management, scheduling visits, publishing and creating offers can be done from the Mobile Apps, available for iOS, iPadOS and Android. Set-up of integrations and teams can only be done via the Web App. Every single action is synced automatically so you can switch from iPhone to iPad to your computer.

  4. SweepBright is made to match. Not just your properties to your leads. You easily connect your favorite applications, portals and/or social media channels with SweepBright. Did you know you can set up your own website in just a few steps?

Enjoy you first weeks of SweepBright!

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