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February 2024

New Matching: find the best property for your leads πŸ”¦, Sharing: collaborate better in large networks 🀝

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What's New

New Matching

πŸš€ Just In: We've just taken Matching to the next level! Here's a quick peek at what's new:

  1. More Control for You: Dive into filters within the interface to directly simulate changes like price adjustments. You're in charge now. πŸŽ›οΈ

  2. Sharper Results: Matching is becoming more precise with Subtype and Amenities. Want to broaden your search? You decide what's less critical. πŸ”

  3. New Filters: Now you can filter by livable and gross area. πŸ†•

  4. Multi-Select Magic: Whether on the Web App or Mobile Apps, selecting which properties to match with which candidates just got a whole lot easier. ✨

  5. Direct Contact: Call and send messages right from Contact β†’ Match. It doesn't get any simpler. πŸ€™

  6. Everything Tracked: We're keeping a closer tab on who you've called, emailed, or messaged. πŸ“Š

  7. Hello, Android: Matching is making its debut on Android. πŸ€–

Head over to the App Store or Play Store to download the latest version of the Mobile Apps.


SweepBright is redefining collaboration with Sharing, an innovation designed for real estate networks, real estate agencies, and teams, enabling confidential property sharing. This Sharing feature can be enhanced with individual and customizable automation rules. Moreover, shared properties are accessible within every functionality, like matching, thus facilitating the connection of an agency's contacts with another's properties.

Here’s what is new:

  1. Team Collaboration: Simplify collaboration by allowing properties to be shared across different teams. πŸ”„

  2. Increased Visibility: Easily discover and filter properties using the Shared setting, making your search more efficient. πŸ”

  3. Simplified Exchange: Shared properties now include contact details for the assignee, making the exchange of information between agents from various sales points, agencies, or teams smooth and intuitive. 🀝

  4. Advanced Filtering: Benefit from sophisticated filters to review properties, including Geographic Zones. πŸ—ΊοΈ

  5. Zapier Automation: Leverage the power of Zapier to create customized automations, such as adjusting the Sharing settings of properties according to your needs. βš™οΈ

  6. Smart Notifications: Set up automations to instantly notify via Slack or other channels when properties become visible to everyone. πŸ“£

  7. Dynamic Integration: Use a special URL parameter to dynamically display collaborators' contact details on the property web pages published via the Website API, enriching the user experience. πŸ’‘

What's Updated

All Apps

We've introduced a Legal Entities filter. An administrator can set up Legal Entities in Teams β†’ A Team β†’ Legal Entities. This is an easy way for companies who work together in a single team to separate different deals legally. 🏒

When you schedule a visit, the Message field will automatically contain the template text when a template is set in the Team Settings. ✍️

Finding a contact via their e-mail address is now more precise. Especially in cases where the contacts database is not super clean. 🎯

Web App

You can now command+click, control+click, or right-click any Contact or Property to open it in a new tab or window. For those of us who like to go fast πŸš€

Website API

You can now send Leads who are not interested in a specific property, but who may have Search Preferences, directly to a specific team. Read the technical details on the Website API documentation.

iOS App

The app automatically fills the login code from the SweepBright login email if you use Apple Mail as your mail client.

We've also added the option to use WhatsApp in most places where you can send a message.

Finally, we've given the image editor a welcome refresh.

What's Fixed

All Apps

  • Greatly improved stability for publications to French Portals.

  • Filters for Amenities and Subtypes on Contacts and Properties return more complete results.

  • We send the visit confirmation e-mail in the correct language.

  • Saving properties now behaves more predictably.

Android App

  • Activity logging for contact interaction from a contact.

  • Matching on contacts shows the multi-select check boxes for the properties.

  • Wrong text displayed the on contact assignee filter from matching.

  • Fixed a rare crash when swiping on the Properties view.

  • Team Admins, Company Admins and Editors can reassign contact assignees.

  • Preferences for Geographic Zones now load again.

  • Saving a contact with no Preferred Pronouns works again.

  • Contacts now load instantly for everyone.

  • Uploading images doesn't change the property status anymore.

iOS & iPadOS App

  • Uploading images doesn't change the property status anymore.

  • It's possible once again to create a property from the Contact (Owner) β†’ Properties view.

  • You can add attendees when scheduling a visit from the side of a Contact.

  • Adding a description to a document no longer crashes the documents view.

  • When scheduling a visit, we auto-fill the location again.

Web App

  • The owner is automatically added again on Offers.

  • It's possible to save "0" in the recurring costs field again.


  • When creating contacts via Zapier, we set the language to the Company language if no language is given via the Create Contact Zapier Action.

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