August 2023

New Data for Properties and Contacts 🌊, iOS App Swipe Actions ⏪

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What's New

New Data in Properties and Contacts

  • Gender for Contacts: Male / Female / Neutral / Not Set (Default)

  • Estimated yearly energy costs for standard usage: min, max and year of reference.

  • Date of the DPE

  • 11 new subtypes, including Vineyard 🍇 and Equestrian Property 🐎

  • Seaside View 🌊

  • No. of Floors in Building

  • Sewer Access now also for houses

  • Architect & Construction Year now also for commercial and office

  • No. of Units in Building now also for houses

  • No. of Residential Lots now also for parking, commercial and office

  • Inventory Report Cost

  • Reference Rent, Base Rent and Rent Supplement

What's Updated

Introducing updated swipe actions on the iOS App for superior user experience. Now, navigation is easier, more intuitive and quicker than ever before.

You can do a full swipe everywhere like you’re used to on iOS. Try swiping to the left ⏪ to archive a property. Just keep swiping. No more need to swipe and then tap.

Enjoy two new quick actions:

  1. Swipe to the right ⏩ on a Property to quickly register an interaction

  2. Swipe to the right ⏩ on a Contact to quickly call the contact

Enjoy unified swipe actions and colours across the app:

  • Swipe to the left ⏪ on a Property / Contact / Past Visit / Open Offer in order to Archive / Refuse

  • Swipe to the right ⏩ on a Property / Contact / Past Visit / Open Offer in order to Register New Activity / Call / Confirm / Accept

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