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Request images or plans by mail on the Web App
Request images or plans by mail on the Web App

Walkthrough on how to request pictures by mail

Updated over a week ago

You can add plans or images to your property by mail yourself or request someone else (photographer, architect,...) This is how you do it:

  1. Go to the Property you would wish to upload a picture (or plan)

2. Fill in the contactdetails & message

3. Check if you received a confirmation field in the web app and/or check your pending request

4. A mail will be received with an upload link.

5. Follow the uploading steps until you see a green confirmation screen

6. As soon as the picture is uploaded, it will be added to your private pictures of the        property. If you wish to make it public, select the image and click an "Make Public".       

Similar way of working for requesting plans by mail!

Did you know? In order to be able to upload Plans, it must be in a PDF format (.pdf). Other formats will not be accepted.  Alternatively, JPEG format (.jpg) is possible to upload through Images. Make sure if you upload a plan this way, it is readable.

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