• Use SweepBright in French! If your phone is set to French, you should already see SweepBright in French. To change your language, open the Settings app on your phone, swipe all the way down to find SweepBright and change the language. On the Web App, go to My Profile and set your preferred language. Enjoy!

iOS App

  • Use the Select button when Matching to Multi Select Matches.


iOS App

  • Updated: find Docs & Plans together in one section.

  • Updated: see pending requests for Images, Documents and Plans. Look for the filled e-mail icon in the bottom right corner!

  • Updated: add a contact's address more easily with auto-suggest.

  • Updated: all Property Detail and Contact Detail screens now have save buttons.

Web App

  • After duplicating a Unit of a Project, we now stay on the Units overview screen.

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