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November 2022

Offers 💶 & iOS Dark Mode 🌚

Updated over a week ago

What’s New

Offers! Manage offers on properties. Create new offers, refuse offers, create counter-offers and accept offers. Tweak fees and immediately see the impact on the gross and net price. Filter and sort properties by offer status. In short: manage one of the most crucial parts of your deal flow directly from the app!

What’s Updated

In the Company & Teams section of the Web App, search for Company Owners and Team Members by their name or e-mail address. The list is also more information-dense, so a Company Admin will see more people on screen before having to scroll.

For all you night owls and shadow seekers. Yes. Dark Mode for iOS is here. Uploading images, documents and plans is also faster. And more fun! Finally: you can set subtypes Mas for Houses and Investment Property for Apartments.

When you try to send an e-mail to an Owner who doesn't have an e-mail address, we warn you that it will all amount to nothing 🥹.

What’s Fixed

  • Sorting Contacts by Last Interaction works again.

  • When a portal does not accept a property for publication, we show which fields were problematic under Errors.

  • Sending an Owner Report on iOS is possible again.

  • Registering interactions on iOS is possible again. The windows also display the correct labels, and we improved the flow as well.

  • Apartments can have WCs, too!

  • Saving some properties resulted in a cryptic Open Home related error. No more.

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