Publications πŸ“’

Customers in Belgium πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ can now publish Projects to Logic Immo. The overall experience of publishing to Logic Immo is also faster and more reliable.

Customers in France πŸ‡«πŸ‡· can now use AMEPI and Vitrine Media.

Zapier ⚑️

Get links to all Images, Plans, and get all info (36 fields) from Vendors and Buyers when someone triggers one of the following: Property Status Changed, Property Created or Updated, Offer Created, Non-Exclusive Agreement Created, Exclusive Agreement Created, Property Sheet Created, Property Folder Created, Lease or Purchase Agreement Created.

You can find the new fields as: Public Images, Public Plans, Vendors * and Buyers *.

Get the Property ID and Visit Title when someone triggers New Visit Scheduled.


Mailparser πŸ“₯

We updated the mailparser to parse buyer leads from Logic Immo, Immovlan and Immoweb again. We also improved the security of the mailparser. Accidentally forwarded e-mails will now be marked as rejected.

Publications πŸ“’

When a publication fails on Immovlan or on the Website API, we now explain in SweepBright why the publication failed.


Web App

When you edit an existing visit, and you change the Negotiator, we now cancel the original event and create a new one with the new Negotiator as organiser.

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