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📱Activity registration, new property filters and more (iOS)!
📱Activity registration, new property filters and more (iOS)!

Find out the brand new features we have added in our new iOS release!

Updated over a week ago

We have some great new features for you to check out in our latest iOS App update!🙌

Activity registration🤝

You can now register activities after interacting with a contact directly from the Contact Details page. You can do this for outgoing e-mails, calls and messages.

Follow this walkthrough to get started with this new feature:

  1. On a Contact page, select whether you want to send a message, an e-mail or call your contact. For this example, we are going to send him a message.

2. Write and send a message to your contact.

3. A pop-up automatically opens - Select a property from your list.

4. We will show a success message and you can now even immediately Add Feedback.

5. Everything is then registered in your Contact's Activity Timeline

Filter on Area for properties🏠

You can now filter your Properties on Area!

New settings tab⚙️

We have released a new Settings tab allowing you to edit your profile, change the language of your app, switch team, enable Caller ID and log out from your app!

That's it! You're completely up to date again!👍

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