April 2018
Updated over a week ago


  • Public API - some small fixes

  • API - Url based on negotiation type (rent/sale) for Immoweb.

  • API - Immoweb character encoding fix

  • API - Add Type of Registered Interaction to Zapier trigger

  • WebApp - Fix copy mail vendor

  • WebApp - Fix missing failsafe in logo upload 

  • WebApp - Fixed wrong color for Preview button in theme settings

  • WebApp - Fixed scrolling in settings modals in theme settings

  • WebApp - Fixed unit header not showing when loading in Publish

  • Agency website - Added address (if it exists) as the location parameter.

  • Agency website - Added disclaimer at the bottom of the form

  • Agency website - Switch side of 'cookies close button' to avoid overlap with Intercom/Livechat

  • Agency website - Update older browsers compatibility (MS Edge)

  • Agency website - Fix missing images gallery icons

  • Agency website - Update Playful font sizes


  • Public API - new fields added

  • API - Added two new feature sections: Secure Parking and Open Fire Place (REA)

  • API - Removed Water Softener section as it was incorrectly mapped (REA)

  • API - Updated tests

  • WebApp - Update private fields (locked)

  • WebApp - Change links in portals section so that they open in new tab

  • Agency website - Use actual agency phone number as example in contact form


  • API - Added section for commercial phone number to Immoweb. Will return an empty string when the given phone number is not a properly formatted Belgian phone number.

  • API - Added document Zapier trigger 'Property Folder'

  • Agency Website - 'property not available' page


  • WebApp - Min users for a subscription so the disables when you try to choose less than three users.



  • FIXED - issues that are resolved

  • CHANGED - changes that have been made

  • ADDED - new features/functionalities added 

  • UPDATED - updates to an existing version

  • Public API - webhook - website API

  • API - applications API

  • WebApp - desktop/web version of the app

  • iOSApp - mobile version of the app

  • Agency website - the SweepBright template website

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