Webapp - We added a new Trigger to Zapier: New visit scheduled 

This trigger sends the following fields when its triggered: 


  • The schedule date & time shall always be sent in UTC.

Please check out this Zapier article about reformatting date & time to your timezone.


Agency website - Speeding up the publishing process

  • Speeding up publications to the agency website. They now appear twice as fast!

  • We added or renamed some fields in the Zapier trigger: Feedback added to lead.

  • We made validation errors more obvious on new "Get PersonalUpdates" page


  • We fixed sorting units in the projects table on the webapp. 

  • We fixed a broken blank screen on the invoice and upgrade page

  • We fixed the pre-population of first and last name in the Calendly event

  • We fixed the currency alignment in project overview in mobile browser

  • We fixed images appearing upside down on agency website



  • FIXED - issues that are resolved

  • UPDATED - changes that have been made

  • ADDED - new features/functionalities added 

  • UPDATED - updates to an existing version

  • WebApp - desktop/web version of the app

  • iOSApp - mobile version of the app

  • Mobile Browser - web version of the app on the phone

  • Agency website - the SweepBright template website

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