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We introduce an improved navigation on the Web App and iOS App

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We have a simplified navigation with improved functionalities on the Web App and iOS App. We think you'll like it a lot. Your Web App will be updated automatically. You can follow a step-by-step product tour via this link:

To use the new navigation on iOS, you should update your iOS App to the latest version as well:

To bring you up to speed, here's a detailed list of what has changed in the new design and what it means for you.

Simpler navigation ✨

You will now have only two tabs: Properties and Contacts. Makes sense, right?

When you click or tap on a Property, you will find the Match, Visit and Publish sections. From this screen you can also easily see and change the sales status of a property. 

Better filtering & sorting on the Web App 🎛

Your filtering & sorting options are also easier to use now. Finding the right properties in your team's portfolio has never been easier. 

A brand new map view 🗺

We also introduced a map view that gives you a unique view on your properties.

Don't you think this could help closing new mandates? We believe this will become more powerful than any estimation tool you've used before.

Pssst... Upcoming features 🚀

14 October marks the beginning of exciting new changes coming to our platform. Here's what you can expect from us in order of priority after 14 October.

The new navigation will allow us to release new features in a better way. We already want to give you some insights into what's coming up in the next few months! 🙌

  • New Property Status 'Lost'

  • Extended Activity Timeline

  • Better Incoming Leads via parsing

  • Additional legal fields for Belgium

  • Better Vendor Management

  • Improved Contact Preferences

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