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Setting up your Calendar
Setting up your Calendar

Find out how to connect SweepBright to your preferred calendar

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With our calendar integration it's super easy to set up visits and meetings from within SweepBright. Connect your preferred calendar to SweepBright to schedule visits for you or your colleague. Also, these visits are now synced to your lead's calendar for easy changes or cancellations. You will be able to reschedule (or cancel) these visits and the lead will automatically get a calendar email notification with the updated time and date. 

You have to connect your calendar to be able to schedule visits in SweepBright, we included the 5 most used calendar systems worldwide: 

  • Apple iCloud (iCal)

  • Google (GoogleCalendar)

  • Office 365

  • Exchange

  • Outlook

Follow these steps to set up your calendar in SweepBright:

Step 1

Go to 'My Profile' and click on 'Calendar'. Within the Calendar section, click on 'Connect Calendar'. It should open a pop-up window with the different calendar systems. If the window does not open, please check your pop-up blocker/settings of your browser.

Step 2

Choose the calendar system you are using and follow the set up process step by step. 

Step 3

If your calendar account is connected properly it should see the dropdown of the different calendars. If you have multiple calendars, select the appropriate one and hit 'Save'. 

Step 4

Now your calendar is connected to SweepBright, you're ready to schedule visits. Every visit scheduled will appear in your calendar with all details included. You (and the lead) will also receive a confirmation mail with the details of the visit.

The event will show in your calendar with all necessary info (address, contact info lead, etc) You can find an example below. 

TIP: If a lead wants to schedule a visit with you, they can do so with one of our integrated booking tools like Calendly or Leads will be able to see the available slots in your calendar and book the time that is most convenient for them. Want to know more about this? Read this article

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