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Add a calendar reminder before the end of a mandate.
Add a calendar reminder before the end of a mandate.

Add a reminder to Google Calendar before a mandate ends in SweepBright

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The clock is ticking: your mandate is about to expire. Put a reminder in your agenda x weeks before the end date of your mandate. This way, you won't forget to call your vendor to discuss an extension.

To set this one up, you will need all of these 3 building blocks

(*) we'll be making a multi-step Zap so a Free Zapier account will not be sufficient

Short explanation of the objective of this walkthrough: _________________________________________________________________

Trigger Google Calendar to create an automatic reminder before the end of a mandate.

Follow the steps below to get started with this automation:

  1. For your convenience, we've created Zapier templates. If you are interested in this automation, this is the best way to start from. You can always adapt the automation or add some more details after completing the template. Click on the 'Start this automation' button below. Make sure that you're logged into Zapier. 

2. You will be redirected to your Zapier account after clicking on the above-mentioned button. Follow all the steps in the template walkthrough.

  • First you will need to select the trigger 'Property status changed' and connect your SweepBright account to Zapier. 

  • After that you'll need to set up a filter to trigger the Zap when a property becomes available. Only use the exact names of in the interactions used in SweepBright, in this case 'Available'.

  • The last step of this automation is to set up the Google Calendar action. Connect your Google Calendar account to Zapier and configure all the required (or optional) fields. Here we will use the Create Detailed Event action.  Check out this article if you want to learn more about Dates & Times in Zapier

Do note that we've predefined the Google Calendar Event  with some variable fields. We strongly suggest you to review this event. You can add your own variable fields by clicking on the +-icon on the right side of the text field. 

3. You're all set ! Don't forget to turn ON your automation. We recommend you to do a test first yourself before going to the next automation. You can also check your task history to see if the automation is running smoothly (or not). 

You can choose to make some adjustments in the existing automation or add other automations between SweepBright and Google Calendar.

Really 'triggered' by automations? Find out how to create your own custom automations here or check out the rest of our templates in the Integrations section or website  💪

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