Step 5 - Connect portals (1 min each)

Connect your favorite real estate channels to SweepBright

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This article explains how you can link your favorite real estate portals to SweepBright.
If you didn't link your social media channels yet, read this article.

Step-by-step article

At this moment we've added a number of real estate portals you can select from that are integrated with SweepBright.

Before you can publish your properties on one of these portals, you'll need to link them to SweepBright and activate them. In order to do this, please follow these few steps :

  1. Go to the SweepBright menu and select Channels. Select Portals in the menu left

2. A list of available portals appears. You can Search your portal and/or you can filter on country too with a dropdown menu. 

3. Select  the portal you would like to connect with and follow the instructions at the top of the screen to activate it. In most cases, you'll have two options: 

  • You already have an existing account of the portal

  • You don't have an existing account of portal

4. In both options you'll have to contact the portal for opening an account and/or connecting the account to SweepBright. Click on the link to trigger an automated mail with pre-filled in information. If this doesn't happen, you can always send the mails manually. Allowing pop-ups in your browser could help resolve this.

5. If they've verified or created your account they will send you an e-mail with your connection credentials. They might require you to confirm your desire to switch to SweepBright.

6. Fill in the credentials (FTP login + pasword) you received in the mail from the portal in SweepBright. Next, click on Add to confirm as soon as the info is complete. 

7. Once you activated a portal it will appear in the central pane as Active. If you see this, you've successfully activated the portal. Now you're ready to start using this portal to publish your properties.

Did you know? Sweepbright is continuously working on adding more and more real estate portals to broaden your network of channels and publish to all of your leads easily. Find out what to do if your preferred portal is not in the list.

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