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Publish: Projects (Web)
Publish: Projects (Web)

This article describes publishing a project using the web application

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When you've created a project, you can publish it to various channels in order to make sure that your listing gets seen.

IMPORTANT: SweepBright can handle multiple channel publications like your own website, property portals and social media channels. First configure every channel you would like to use for publishing!


  1. Publishing a project

  2. Publication statuses

  3. Updating a project

  4. UN-publishing a project

1. Publishing a project

When publishing a project, it's very important you only publish the Project on a project level, NOT all the units separately. If you publish the units separately they will not appear under the project and will be published as individual properties.

  1. Go to the Publish section of the project you want to Publish.

  2. Click on 'Create Publication'

  3. Select the correct channel (use the search bar, if you have a lot of channels)

  4. If the channel has a red warning icon, this means there are some missing fields. You need to fill out these fields for all the units, in order to be able to publish to this channel. It's super easy to add these in the next screen.

  5. Now you have the option to publish with or without the location/price. For Immoweb you also have the possibility to choose an Ad format.

  6. Just click on 'Publish' and the project is now publishing to the channel you selected. If all goes well, the publication appears in the 'Active' section.

  7. If something has gone wrong, it will appear in the 'Errors' section, please try the publication again. If this doesn't solve the problem, please contact us via our Support Chat. We will be happy to help you out!

NOTE: Logic Immo and Facebook do not support the publication of projects.

3. Publication statuses

A publication can have different statuses. In the list below you will find an explanation of every status you will encounter.

  • Publishing: You've just published your project and it's in the process of being published. As long as a publication has the status 'Publishing' it's not yet published, but it won't take long before it is. NOTE: Some channels can take several hours before a publication is actually published.

  • Published: Your publication is now published and visible on this specific channel. By clicking on 'Link', you will be able to check your publication on this channel.

4. Updating a project

A published project sometimes needs an update, for example changing the the status of a unit to Sold, changing the asking price,...

These changes need to be published as well, so it's very important you update your project after you've made your changes. Again it's important you only update your project on a project level. All changes you made in the units will be automatically updated.

By following the next steps, you can make sure your publication is always up to date.

  1. Go to the Publish section of the project

  2. You will see your active channels have an 'arrow' symbol next to them. Meaning this publication is not yet fully up to date

3. Click on the arrow symbol and your publication will be updated on this channel. If you see the status 'Published' again, this means the publication is now completely up to date. Repeat this steps for all the active channels.

4. Don't forget to repeat this process, if you make changes to your project again!

5. UN-Publishing a project

Your project is (hopefully) completely sold and you want to un-publish this project from the various channels. Next to every published channel you will this icon.

Click on this icon, if you want to un-publish your project from a specific channel. Once the channel has disappeared from the list of your active publications, this project is un-published.

NOTE: Archiving a project will un-publish a project from all channels automatically.

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