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How to get logged into SweepBright? (first time user)
How to get logged into SweepBright? (first time user)

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Updated over a week ago

First time user? 

Never used SweepBright before? First make sure you're signed up. Follow these steps if you're stuck in the process of signing up.

  1. You can register yourself here: This way you'll have access to a 15 day free trial during which you can discover all SweepBright functionalities. 

2. Complete the register form with your work E-mail, First & Last Name, Agency Name and Country. Click on Let's Go

3. You're in! As soon as you've signed yourself up, you'll be redirected to the SweepBright web app on your desktop. 

4. At the same time, you'll receive a welcome mail with a Confirm mail link. Check your spam folders if you didn't receive the welcome mail please.

4. If you want to log-in on our iOS-app too (what we strongly recommend): 

  • Download the iOS app

  • Open the app

  • Fill in your mail-address 

  • Check your mailbox for a login code

You're ready to start using SweepBright on your iPhone now!

Once you're logged in, you will remain logged in for 15 days. At all times you can log out and login by requesting a new login code. After this period, your account will be disabled. Please subscribe if you want to keep using SweepBright.

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