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How to get logged into SweepBright? (active user)
How to get logged into SweepBright? (active user)

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Updated over a week ago

SweepBright does not use a fixed pasword to get logged in. Instead you will be mailed a (Magic) Login link to click on (or a login code to enter). Follow these steps to get logged into SweepBright:

Active user?

An active user means you are registered and were logged into SweepBright before. These steps can help you, if you experience problems logging in: 

  • Fill in your account E-mail address you've registered with before and press Log In
    (didn't do this yet? start here)

  • Go to your mailbox to find the mail with the Login button (or login key)

  • Option 1: Click the Log In button and you're in! The Log In button will redirect you directly to the SweepBright application. 

  • Option 2: Another option is to enter the 6-digit authorization code and press Log in to go to the SweepBright application. 

Follow the same way of working in case you're stuck on our iOS app for logging into our iOS application:

Some things to consider: 

  • You're a first time user? Before you can start logging in, make sure you're registered. Please follow these steps.

  • Your authorization code will only work once. Always use the latest code (in latest mail) you've received. 

  • Make sure you have your cookies switched ON. This way, your login code will be remembered for 30 days. This means if you don't log-out, erase your cache or delete cookies, you will NOT have to request a new code. Just go to (maybe make yourself a bookmark?). 

  • If you log out on a device, simply request a new code in the very same as described above

  • If you cannot access or you only see the subscription fee AFTER 15 days of free trial, this means your trial is over. Please subscribe to continue using SweepBright.

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