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How to setup your agency website on the WebApp ?
How to setup your agency website on the WebApp ?

Learn how to configure & edit your personal SweepBright website

Updated over a week ago

A website allowing prospects to search for properties is essential today. Since the goal is to automate the work of real estate agents as much as possible, SweepBright allows you to generate it in a few clicks!

Warning ! This function is only accessible to agency administrators!

Here's how to do it in record time!

  1. Go to the "Publication Channels" page, accessible from the top bar.

  2. Make sure you are in the first tab "Website", then choose the configuration you prefer.

    1. For the Homepage, choose the layout, upload images, and also choose which properties you want to display on the page.

    2. For the Look & Feel, fill in the different parts of the site that will be visible.

    3. Customize your Theme: modify the font, colors and roundings, to make your site unique!

    4. Add an email address for the contact form, and your social media links.

  3. Click on "Save", and go check out your new site!

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