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How to add a Property ? (web)
How to add a Property ? (web)

Find yourself a great property and walk through these steps

Updated over a week ago

You've got some informations about a property? You can already start adding it into SweepBright!

  1. Select "Add Property" in the top bar.

  2. Indicate if this property is for sale or to let, if it is a single property or a program, and the type of property (house, apartment, etc.).

  3. Fill in all the informations you already have about this property through the different sections: Locations, Structure, Price, Description, etc. Don't worry, you can update everything later!

  4. Click "Save"

The property appears now in your list !

Did you know ? Everything you do on your mobile automatically syncs with the web app, and vice versa 👍. For example, you can start creating a property on your mobile and finish it at the office on the web application!

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