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What options do I have for my website?
What options do I have for my website?

Find out more about the possibilities of your SweepBright website

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SweepBright comes with your own agency website, with a domain name included ( However, you can use your own domain name as well to link with the SweepBright website. Even more, you can decide to link your own website design to SweepBright via a web API.

A domain name is included in your SweepBright account. Your website is ready & live in 5 minutes. Check out the steps to configure your website here.

Check out the steps to configure your website here. (same as option 1)

To connect your own domain name to the agency website, check out this article.

Note: The change can take up to 24h to go into effect
Note: Forwarding to one or more domain name
Note: you can buy an own domain name at;; ;...

Obviously you can ask your web developer to design and develop your own (custom) website. If you want to keep you own website design (or create a new one) and want to link this to SweepBright, you should connect to our Web API. The web API connects (part of) your website to the software and database of SweepBright. This way, you can exchange data like e.g. properties. 

Several options can be discussed depending on your budget and desires: 

  • Full API integration: full custom design of website (all levels)

  • Homepage custom design: static or dynamic (via API data exchange)

For more info, let's get in touch! Please send a mail to [email protected] for more info about our Web API documentation and options. It is strongly advised to add your technical team/partner to the conversation. Do notice that a Web API link requires significant ressources from your technical team. 

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