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Schedule a Visit (Web App)
Schedule a Visit (Web App)

Schedule Visits, Open Homes and Auctions

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You can schedule a Visit with one or more contacts at a specific property, or anywhere you want. You can also schedule an Open Home or Auction.

In order to schedule a visit, you have to connect your calendar to SweepBright. Learn how to connect your calendar.

Once you have connected your calendar, you can schedule a visit via a Property, via a Contact or via Quick Schedule in the top bar.

Property Schedule

Schedule a Visit via a Property

To get started, go to the Schedule tab. You will see two subtabs: Schedule and Settings. To schedule a visit go to Schedule and click on Schedule Visit.

A pop-up will appear. Now you can specify the details of the visit:

When you click Save, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to negotiator. All attendees will receive an e-mail and a calendar invitation.

View the Property Schedule

The Upcoming tab under Schedule contains an overview of all your scheduled Visits, Open Homes and Auctions:

When you hold your cursor over a Visit, you will see the list of attendees:

To see your past visits, click the Past tab under Schedule:

Change the Property Schedule Settings

In Settings, you can define when the property is available to visit. You can also add an Open Home Schedule or Auction:

The availability of the vendor will be visible in the calendar:

When you tick 'Property', you will be able to see if there are other visits planned for this specific property:

Contact Schedule

Schedule a Visit via a Contact

Find the Contact you want to schedule a visit for and click Schedule to see the Schedule. Click Schedule Visit in the top right corner to Schedule a Visit with the Contact.

When you Schedule a Visit via a Contact, you will have to choose a Property from the drop-down list. We will automatically fill out the Location field for you. You also have to select the Negotiator.

View the Contact Schedule

Use the Upcoming and Past tabs on the Schedule if you want to see all upcoming and past visits for this specific Contact:

Quick Schedule via the Top Bar

Imagine someone calls you to schedule a visit. Instead of searching through your Properties or Contacts first, you can quickly add a Visit using the button in the top bar:

When you click the calendar icon, the pop-up to schedule a visit will appear:

Since there is no link with a property or contact yet you can search through your Properties and Contacts via the dropdown for Property and Attendees.

All features mentioned above are also available on the iOS app.

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