WebApp - Improved vendor communication

Instantly keep your vendor up to date with this new improvement when receiving feedback from a lead.

We removed the checkbox that enabled you to send feedback to the vendor. Now, you automatically send an email with the feedback to the vendor of the property when you add a comment in the Comment to Vendor text-box.

So, what happens exactly?

  • You add a text in the 'Comment to Vendor' box. 

  • When you click on the blue Register Feedback - button:

  • The vendor will automatically receive an e- mail from you. The e-mail contains your latest feedback, the text you entered in 'comment to vendor' and the recent interactions of this property.


The private comment (indicated with a lock) is of course not included in this e-mail.
The 'comment to vendor' is also added to the interaction history and to the vendor report. 


WebApp - We have updated the image processing and translated the feedback on the vendor report

  • We restructured the way that we store and process images to make SweepBright lighter on its feet. 

  • We translated the feedback on the vendor report (NL, FR & EN). We translated the unsubscribe page (NL, FR & EN).

  • We changed (You) to (Me) in team settings. 


WebApp - We fixed some bugs regarding ''blank pages'' & Facebook connectivity

  • We hot fixed a bug were you where not able to connect to Facebook.

  • We fixed a bug that incorrectly showed a blank page in a contact's interaction history after sending mail matches for that contact.

  • We fixed a nasty bug where the contact preferences were emptied when you scrolled down until the end of the page.



  • FIXED - issues that are resolved

  • UPDATED - changes that have been made

  • ADDED - new features/functionalities added 

  • UPDATED - updates to an existing version

  • WebApp - desktop/web version of the app

  • iOSApp - mobile version of the app

  • Mobile Browser - web version of the app on the phone

  • Agency website - the SweepBright template website

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