• Webapp - The legal notice in the registration form is now translated on PhraseApp

  • Webapp - Fix dragging state of image (part)

  • Webapp - Update the helptext of the calendar field in property settings

  • Webapp - Manually add back Google icon to icon set

  • API - Fixed missing energy consumption field in section lists (Logic Immo)

  • API - Reviewed mapping of EPC code section for Immoweb (part I)

  • API - Make sure we update the company settings cache when a company setting is updated.

  • API - Added check to prevent publish page to fail when 0 in the response (Immoweb)

  • API - Issue where coupons where being removed when you upgrade a subscription with no coupon applied.

  • API - Fixed titles

  • Agency Website - Fixed rendering of preview map when in iframe

  • Agency website - Show arrows appearing on hover only


  • Webapp - Added investment property to main property types house and office .

  • Webapp - Add a LinkedIn field in website contact form

  • Webapp - Added locale field so that is available when importing contacts.

  • Webapp - Implement open home & auction date (part I)

  • API - Added export of auction and open homes fields

  • API - cleaning special characters Immoweb publications (description, title, legal field)

  • Agency website - Add different languages in success messages


  • Webapp - Update Google Maps API key

  • API - Multilanguage: emails will be send to a contact in the contact's preferred locale (part)

  • API - Energy type for Immovlan



  • FIXED - issues that are resolved

  • CHANGED - changes that have been made

  • ADDED - new features/functionalities added 

  • UPDATED - updates to an existing version

  • Public API - webhook - website API

  • API - applications API

  • WebApp - desktop/web version of the app

  • iOSApp - mobile version of the app

  • Agency website - the SweepBright template website

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