Step 2 - Company & Teams settings (6 min)

Find out how to complete your team settings

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We're almost there, complete some general Company & Teams settings.

Step-by-step article

This is how you we are going to take off:

Go to the SweepBright menu on the top left of your screen and select Company & Teams. You'll see your company settings on the top and all available teams underneath.

Company settings (only for company owners)

Select the top icon in the left bar, which is your Company. On the side, it will show the following options to configure: 

  1. What happens with (un)assigned leads (e.g. from website) within your company?

  2. Invite other company owners. Like you, they'll have access to all team-info. 

  3. Change your company's transaction type: sell, let or both

Team settings (for team members)

In the left bar, all except the top one, are teams. If you're not a company owner, you'll  only see the teams you're invited in.

  • Think about the internal team structure

Contacts and properties are always team-specific. You can add all in one team or split up in several based on geography (team NYC, team Boston,...) or activity (team Sell, team Let). After a team is created you can add the Team member(s) accordingly. Do notice that your publishing channels (portals, social media channels, agency website,...) are always added on the company level. 

If you have your game-plan ready, set up your team structure by adding teams.  

  • Select the team you want to set up. Repeat this step for every team you have.

  • This is the teammenu of options to configure, let's run through this together:

  1. Fill in, Edit or check the following info:

  • Team name

  • System of measurement (metric or imperial)

  • Numeral system (decimal point or comma) 

  • Currency

  • Some Defaults setting (notifications, visit duration)

  • Select to pre-set Bright Matching or not

2. Invite team member(s) (make sure you have available user accounts). If not, you can add them via Subscription

You can update the rights of a specific team member or delete it. 

3.  Assign the different properties within your team to the responsible team member. 

4. Fill in the text presets in different languages  for your mailing and description of properties.

5. For all additional importing / exporting of contacts and properties, take a look at these great articles: 

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