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What are Teams in SweepBright?

Find out how to create several teams within your organisation

Updated over a week ago

A Team is a concept we use to enable you to keep contacts, properties and colleagues separated if this is the way your company works. For example, if your company has multiple agencies, you can create multiple teams within your SweepBright account.

At signup, we automatically create a Company containing just a single team. If you wish to add more teams, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the SweepBright menu select Teams.

  2. Click on Add Team.

  3. Fill in the name of your new team. You can always change that name if needed

  4. Your new team will appear in the list and you can now configure all the settings for this specific team.

Note: it's not possible to delete or archive teams. So make sure you only add necessary teams. 

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