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Is SweepBright available in different languages? (web)
Is SweepBright available in different languages? (web)

SweepBright is English only (for now), however there is a solution!

Updated over a week ago

At this moment, SweepBright is available in English only. In the future we will probably expand to other (major) languages as well. In the meantime, we've got a quick tip for you: use the Google Translate plugin in Chrome

Follow these steps to make your own translated SweepBright webapp

  1. Open/download Chrome 

  2. Find the Google Translate extension here, download it 'Add to Chrome' & add extension

3. The plugin should be visible on the right side of you url

4. When you click on the extension, select Translate page and you will see you page (e.g. SweepBright app) translated in your selected language

Please do note that some translations might be a little off. You know, even Google is not flawless. You're good to go now!

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