Besides a great agency website, we offer paying customers and their developers access to our public API. This way, you can build/use your own designed website and sync data with your SweepBright account.

Conditions to gain access to our API (documentation):

  • You are a paying customer of SweepBright
  • You have a (qualified) web development agency


  1. Customer (decision maker) sends an email to request access to our API documentation. Both your development agency and should be in cc of the mail. 
  2. If the above conditions apply, SweepBright will send the API documentation to the developer for insight. They can create a price quote this way for the customer.
  3. As a test environment, the development agency creates a new trial account. They can login in this account and add up to 2 users. Standard period is 14 days, we will prolong up to 2 months.
  4. The development agency sends an email with the follow information:
    - email address of the SweepBright trial account
    - the (temporary) webhook url
  5. SweepBright will enable access to the public API and send login credentials for the trial account and prolong for 2 months (average development time needed).
  6. Once development is done and tested with the trial account, development agency should migrate to the account of the customer. Send an email to with the following info:
    - email address of the customer's account
    - the (final) webhook url
  7. SweepBright will enable access to the public API and send login credentials for the final account. 

Important notes: 

  • All communication should be in English
  • All technical questions should be directed to
  • The access to our API is a free service. However the development of the website and integration with our API is entirely the responsibility of the agency. 
  • Timing of such integration depends on complexity, ressources and qualification of the development agency. 
  • If you have no development agency, please ask our support service to give you some suggestions. 
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