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Company & Teams - Invite & Manage team members (web)
Company & Teams - Invite & Manage team members (web)

Find out how you can invite your co-workers to enjoy SweepBright too

Updated over a week ago

  1. Go to the SweepBright menu and select Company & Teams

2. On the left side, select the Team you want to manage

3. If you want to invite a new member to your team, click on Invite Member

4. Fill in the contact details and click on Invite Member, your contact will be notified         by email. His SweepBright experiences starts whenever he clicks on Start Now in        the received mail. 

Your contact will be notified by email. 

5. Once the new user has accepted your invitation, you can manage his Member Rights (team member/team administrator)

  • Team Member: can access all properties but cannot manage the team or other team members

  • Team Administrator: can manage the team, assign properties, edit team info & add text presets

Did you know?  You can also delete a member in this section. 

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