Step 1 - My Profile (1 min)

Find out how to set up your account and connect SweepBright to your preferred calendar

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In the following steps you will find out where to fill out your personal information and how to connect your calendar to SweepBright. You will find the 'My Profile' section in the dropdown menu in the top right hand corner of your screen next to the SweepBright icon.


Filling out all your basic information is really important because this information will be used throughout all of your agency's website. Don't forget to add a smashing profile picture.👍

Did you know? You'll look best on a .png picture of at least 200px by 200px!


The Calendar section is divided in two parts, 'Schedule Visit" and 'Booking Tool'. 

Calendar (Schedule visit) - REQUIRED

With our calendar integration it's super easy to set up visits and meetings from within SweepBright. Connect your preferred calendar to SweepBright to schedule visits for you or your colleague. You will need to connect your calendar to be able to schedule visits. For more information click on the button below.

Booking Tool (agency website) - OPTIONAL

A direct integration with Calendly or allows customers to schedule a visit directly into your agenda(s) - based on your personal availabilities. On the specific listing on your website, customers will have the possibility to directly 'Schedule a visit' without your intervening. The meeting slot will be booked (and synced) automatically in his/her and your agendas. For more information click on this button.

When you're ready doing these steps, don't forget to move along to the next step in your setup, configure your agency website in just 5 minutes. 

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