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How can I add an open home to your listings? (web)
How can I add an open home to your listings? (web)

Plan an open home within a few easy clicks

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When you're scheduling an open home for that new listing, you obviously want as much visitors as possible. You want them on the right time at the right location. SweepBright allows you to organize such open homes in a convenient way. 

In a few easy steps you will be able to add an Open Home date to your listings. This will allow leads to schedule this event directly into their calendar. 

  1. Start by selecting a Property and go to the Settings section

2. In this section you will be able to add the date and time of one or more open home event(s) by clicking on the "Add open home" button and completing the date, start time and end time. 

3. Visitors on your Agency Website (or public API) will see a tag 'Next open home: date' on these listings. 

When they click on the property page, they will be able to automatically add this Open Home event directly to their personal calendar. This way, they know exactly where and when they can meet you. 

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