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Can I change the main property settings?
Can I change the main property settings?

How to correct something in the main property settings

Updated over a week ago

When adding a new property, it's important to know that the main property settings cannot be changed once you add the property. 

The main property settings include

  • Status: For Sale vs. To Let

  • Single Unit vs. Project

  • Main Property Type

Depending on the choice of these 3 settings a separate structure is launched.
Consequently, you cannot change these settings afterwards....

Note: Make sure you check twice when adding a new property

Oops! I've made a mistake. How can I solve this? 

The only way to solve this is to start over.  .... Archive the property and than add it again with the correct settings

  1. First you will need to select your property and select Settings. Check the box and click on Archive

2. Now you can add the property again with different property settings

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