• Webapp - Fixed login pages showing unrelated alerts

  • Webapp - Updated contact matching mails

  • Webapp - Fix content overflow in highlighted properties settings

  • Webapp - Remove Internal from Internal Notes field label

  • Webapp - Add padding to characters counting input

  • Agency Website - Custom price would be shown when field empty

  • Agency Website - Unify phone fields placeholders


  • Webapp - Removed redundant (private) mention in field names

  • Webapp - Integrate contact and property match modals into the pages

  • Agency Website - Command to generate all agency websites to skip disabled companies by default


  • Webapp - Add custom label in price section

  • Webapp - Add tooltip to private lock images and plan

  • Webapp - Added new apartment subtype (student accomodation)

  • Agency Website - Added possibility to show custom price field when it's enabled and filled in.

  • Agency Website - The custom price will be shown on the properties search page when the feature flag is enabled and the field has a value.

  • Agency Website - Added address formatter to property transformer



  • FIXED - issues that are resolved

  • CHANGED - changes that have been made

  • ADDED - new features/functionalities added 

  • UPDATED - updates to an existing version

  • Public API - webhook - website API

  • API - applications API

  • WebApp - desktop/web version of the app

  • iOSApp - mobile version of the app

  • Agency website - the SweepBright template website

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