After your trial account, you can continue to enjoy the services of SweepBright on both an annual as monthly subscription basis. The more user you add, the more you enjoy discounted prices.

Option 1:

Annual contract with invoice and payment by banktransfer (or credit card) of the amount of 1-year subscription. This yearly subscription entitles you to a "discount" of 10% on the price.  You can only cancel a subscription at the end of your yearly period. 

Option 2:
A monthly payment with a credit card. No discounts or payment by transfers are applicable. You can cancel at any end of the month (will finish at day X-1).

For both an annual as monthly subscription, invoices are issued automatically to the name of your company, simply fill in the fields in the Invoicing section of the web app. Please make sure your payment details are correct before your subscribe. 

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